Ahria M

✧ My Interests ✧

  • Art
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Sewing
  • Photography

✧ My Meaningful Hyperlinks ✧

  • ✧ Spotify ✧  , I chose Spotify as one of my meaningful links because whenever I’m feeling stressed or unhappy I just put on my Spotify playlist and it makes me feel better! It sounds dumb but music helps me in a lot of ways.
  • ✧ Netflix ✧, Similar to why I chose Spotify, but I mainly chose websites that make me feel better when I’m feeling stressed. Binging some of my favorite movies and TV shows always makes me feel better even on the worst days.

✧ My Meaningful Images ✧

” i like pictures of roses”

” i just really like pictures of roses “




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