Eminent Learning Centre – Tavi Gevinson

Eminent Learning Centre – Tavi Gevinson

Hello everyone! My name is Tavi Gevinson, and I have been given the privilege this year of speaking at the TALONS 2021 eminent night.

If you want to learn more about my life and how I was able to impact teenage girls around the world, click here. It will take you to my magazine, the Rookie Mag.

Once you have finished reading this month’s issue on my eminence feel free to ask any questions you have for me in the comments section.

Sidenote: There are a lot of things hyperlinked in my learning centre. Almost everything underlined is hyperlinked. Click on the hyperlinks to move to different parts of my learning centre.


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This website had a really great summary of Tavi’s life and accomplishments. I used the information from this website in my timeline and accomplishments section. The website made a few comments on Tavi’s acting career which were valuable to my accomplishments section on my learning centre.

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This is the Rookie Magazine. While writing my speech and writing my blog I referred a lot to Tavi’s articles to get a better sense of her voice and writing style. As my speech was a reference to her goodbye letter that she wrote when the Rookie mag was shutting down, I made sure to read that article. In general, throughout this past month, I read a lot of her work to get a better understanding of her influence and the kinds of things she talked about in her magazine.

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When this project began, this was the first resource I read. It gave me a good start to understanding who Tavi was and how she impacted the world. In my learning centre, Wikipedia was quite helpful for finding specific dates in her acting career.

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This website focused on the Rookie magazine shutting down and the impact it had on teenage girls. It gave me a lot of insight into the way the Rookie mag was run, and how it created many jobs for other teen girl writers. I incorporated information from this website in my “Impact On The World” section.

11 thoughts on “Eminent Learning Centre – Tavi Gevinson

  1. Great job! I enjoyed the artistic nature of your blog. I also liked how you told us about the important people in your life rather than just yourself. If you had the chance to start Rookie Mag again, what would you do differently this time to prevent it from shutting down?

    1. Thank you Raghav for your kind feedback. I truly feel that the fall of the Rookie magazine was inevitable. There was really nothing in our control that could’ve saved it without having to partner up with other companies and receiving funding from them. You see technological advancements and the usage of new social media platforms made it a lot more difficult to have our readers keep coming back. Reading magazines was no longer conventional for lots of teens, with apps like Instagram on the rise. The original readers of the magazine were all in their 20s now, and the new generation of teens had shifted interests. So, without completely changing the integrity of the Rookie Mag, I don’t think there was anything we could do about its downfall.

  2. I love your learning center! It is extremely aesthetically pleasing and I like how every page is concise while containing a perfect amount of information.
    When you were growing up, were you inspired by any online platforms similar to your own blog? If so, how did they impact you?

    1. Thank you so much Xylia for your feedback. I’m really glad you enjoyed my learning centre. As for your question, when I was younger I enjoyed reading many blogs that were similar to Style Rookie, like ‘Style Bubble’, ‘Fashion Robot’, ‘Fashion Pirate.’ Those magazines helped foster my love for fashion and inspired me to start my own fashion blog.

  3. Hey Tavi! It sounds like you’re a really cool young woman and you’ve had tons of incredible experiences. Your work in publishing, acting, and fashion has likely exposed you to many different people and places. With that in mind, what have your experiences been with topics like body, racial, and gender diversity in fashion? Have those things been on your radar during your career?

    1. The fashion industry has improved a lot since the first fashion show I attended, however, there is still a lot more work that needs to be done. As a feminist, I believe that women should be treated equally the same as men, so why shouldn’t this also apply to people who don’t conform to gender norms. I think that fashion is something that everyone should be able to enjoy and participate in. As a teen, fashion became a form of self expression for me, as I wore scarves as belts and coat hangers as jewelry. The fashion industry has unmeetable standards for the perfect body, height, skin color and a lot more. However, truth be told, those standards don’t reflect the majority of our societies. I won’t even get into the issue with so called “plus sized” models in the fashion industry. Like seriously their plus sizes does not line up with everyone elses plus size.

  4. I really like the way that you incorporated your magazine as your learning centre. What was your favourite outfit that you’ve seen or worn?

    1. I have a lot of favourites however, I would have to say that one of my most favourite outfits I’ve ever worn was probably the one I wore to my 2010 Comme Des Garcons Couture show, as it was my first fashion show ever. I have a lot of fond memories of that show and that outfit makes me very nostalgic.

  5. Your use of colorful imagery brightened up the entire website and kept me engaged. I also enjoyed the quote you left at the bottom of your IMPACT ON THE WORLD section on your website because it’s blatant and logical. As my question, I was just wondering if you’re going to keep going as an actor, or if you’re going to switch to another profession?

    1. Thank you Noah for your kind words. That quote is also one of my favourites. To answer your question, even though I’m currently pursuing acting I have not forgotten my passion for writing. I know that in the future I will be writing again.

  6. Great Learning Centre! I liked how it was very interactive and there were a bunch of hyperlinks to click on. It was also very organized and easy to work. What has been one of your greatest challenges and/or struggles getting to where you are today and why?

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