Well at first when I heard of the prospect of remote learning I was surprised of the decisiveness of the action that the school district had taken, and was excited at the prospect of staying at home and going to classes under the sheets of the bed, and it seemed lonely at times and I really did not have the prospect of asking someone about the parts that were unclear assignments and many times had to bother my teacher via email, to get it right. It also did not help that the schedules were hard to keep track of and many times when I had just finished doing an assignment, another assignment would come through and that really socked. But at least, there was not a lot of socializing which I am very lousy at and although lie it but still, I love to work alone, which is a strength of me. Overall I really, disliked it for what it was and I truly believe, that it would be more efficient in school, and it is kind of a really boring thing, and it would be more entertaining to do classes at school with other and not alone, so I dislike remote learning.

technology has benefited obviously in a lot of ways we have to use laptops, every single day and might I say if it was not for my science teacher, who helped us and willed us to work with technology before this whole thing. Now since the time that we have been using technology I have learned a lot, from the computer commands to a few tricks in the teams, and I must say my typing has gotten faster, anyways it is I think a little bit weird on the live classes, we could not interact with others but the teacher and we had to take turns to talk. But I think the exams were a little bit easy on my mind, and I did not have as much stress when on my laptop and the assignment has been better in my mind because of many tools available to me. It is great in many aspects and I would love for something to change and come in to play in our normal learning prosses.

But technology is not the best always I mean it has been hard getting used to the new way, I am lucky to have had some experience beforehand, but I dare say that it had had its own struggles. for instance, the exams and multiple-choice questions, which I have accidentally messed up knowing the answer but accidentally choosing another option, also many times during the tests I found it annoying to type and I regret that I was panic-stricken during the test when my laptop died and it was panic. Other than that, the typing was hard and it was really annoying, but I have learned how to do so more efficiently, and also, I found that it was very annoying and hard when studying outside, lack of internet, and the sun I much would prefer parchment and paper.

And when it comes to core competencies, that have helped me, personal Awareness and responsibility are one of them. my mother’s help, and study with me I have always, during all the years, spend on school, been disciplined and responsible, which refers to personal awareness and responsibility. I am only human and since the remote learning, I have been tempted to not do a lot of homework or even postpone it, but my years of training under my mother has helped me overcome such temptations and I feel that nothing is important than someone being responsible and aware of himself to not o to give in to temptations. Now as for the evidence I in any situation have always stopped what I have been doing to do whatever assignment has been given to me and started doing it right then and then it is hard to prove but that instills a sense of responsibility in me and I am proud of my self for it.

And the one that I have improved on the most is Creative thinking, Well creative thinking has never been my strong point, and I have always struggled with coming up with ideas and other sorts, but during these times my brane has started working in a different and more creative way. I suspect that to be because of the long times of reflection that I have and how I have wondered about the future and what it may hold. It has off curse reflected on my work and habits, such as one of my English assignments in which I had made a connection between completely unrelated pictures, such as human, donkey, controlling string, honey bee, High light, lion, and infinity, from this I made the connection, that this referred to the daily life of a human and the complement of life, and tasks. and I can say that I surprised my self with my new ability. And the relation made sense and I can say since then I have felt a change.

And these are the experiences that I have had with Remote learning.