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Good evening dear friends,

My sincerest wishes that all is well for you this wonderful night.

For this eminence-filled occasion, I have created a book, titled About Me, that I welcome you to read.

To get an optimal experience out of my learning centre, please click around on the flipbook; different-coloured boxes/shapes hold different photographic treasures!

Please find it here:

Additionally, below is a podcast that a Grade 10 student named Anita recorded, in response to an interview she obtained with a Thai. Her opinions are very thoughtful and I am deeply humbled that she should choose to do this.


Bhumibol Adulyadej

P.S. Just in case, here is the link to the flipbook as well.

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12 thoughts on “Eminent Learning Centre – King Bhumibol

  1. Hi Anita,

    I really enjoyed your book at the beginning of the learning centre! It was very creative and well done! I also really enjoyed your podcast as well, as it gave a further look into the life of king Bhumibol in a entertaining and auditory way. A question I have is if you could change one thing you did during your reign, what would it be? It could be an actual change in a decision you made, or a change in the way you ruled.


    1. Hello Dylan,
      During my reign, I would change how many coups and political crises there were in Thailand, although that is not always within my control. With thought and purpose, I would interfere during some of these political crises and coups if I could, but in my later years, my health began to decline and I began to spend more time in the hospital.

      My wish is for there to be peace in this country.

      King Bhumibol

  2. Your highness, thank you for sharing so much of your life with us. You sound like a compassionate and caring man and leader. I wonder if you could tell us about how you have balanced being royal with being kind and humble? It seems like that is a challenge for folks who are given even a small title or bit of power, yet you seem to be someone who is genuine and kind.

    1. Hello Ms. Wasstrom,
      Thank you for your kind comment. It is not for me to say how to be kind and compassionate for all, but I may tell you about my practices. After being ordained as a monk when I was young, it has been my belief that Buddhism is one of the great religions of the world. Every day, I meditate, really meditate, and concentrate on my breathing. That is something that helps me to balance being royal with being kind and humble, as you kindly remarked. Through meditation, I realize this truth that I want only to do useful things for my people. In the same way, when I concentrate through reviewing and preparing for the next day at the end of each day, I further my goal to be a caring and kind leader for my people.

      Thank you,
      King Bhumibol

  3. Hello King Bhumibol Adulyadej,

    I love the way you’ve told a story about your life. The book was engaging and organized very well, and I found the quote that stated “long live the spirits of all Thai’s” very powerful.

    I want to ask who you took inspiration from to be a great leader. Was it your brother before you, or maybe your parents?

    1. Good evening Saihaj,
      Thank you. I took inspiration from my mother, the Princess Mother of Thailand. She taught my siblings and I skills that every leader needs, such as compassion and kindness. My father was a great man, but he passed before I was old enough to remember.


  4. Greetings Your Majesty,

    You did an excellent job conveying all the things you did for your country and your relationship with the people. I have to ask though, what do you think separates you from other world leaders, and what tips would you give to an aspiring young leader?

    1. Hello Pavel,
      I think I am just like all other world leaders, but I must improve the lives of my people. To an aspiring young leader, I would remark that it is a lot of responsibility. But continue to strive for peace and purity no matter what.


  5. Hello King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand.
    It was fascinating to see a more ‘human’ side of you, playing the piano, painting, and more, especially you are a monarch and a influential figure. I also enjoyed how you managed to put in so many images, especially how they are almost like easter eggs.
    A question to you is: While you have highlighted many accomplishments you have made to your country internally, how have you managed your nations external/foreign affairs?

    1. Hello Tyler,
      A great honour it is to hear your compliments. When I was a young king, I first travelled the world to meet leaders of other countries to learn as much as I could. After doing so, I decided to stop and focus on my own country. Since then, I have not invested much time in managing my nation’s external/foreign affairs, as the government also manages that. You can read more on this website my daughter made: http://kanchanapisek.or.th/activities/index.en.html


  6. Good evening Bhumibol, it is an honour to learn about you and your life, you seem very humble and caring towards your supporters. It is clear that they truly admired you. I also enjoyed the variety in which you presented this information; the book was very creative. I have a question for you, how do you ensure that you treat all of your people fairly and with the same respect that they give you?

    1. Good evening AJ,
      What a wonderful question. I believe that it is the other way around, in fact…I believe that in this country it is upside down, with my people on top and I on the bottom. I am always trying to give and the love that Thais give back to me is because they are well-wishing.


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