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Remote Learning – Reflection

:this is [YOONCHAE] :]

1. What are your thoughts on remote learning and your experience with it? What have you liked and disliked it?

Other than general schoolwork and time, I personally didn’t feel like much changed. I wasn’t really affected by it. I work well independently -I like working alone- and don’t have a need to interact with others.

I am a little disappointed that we weren’t able to do as much work as we would’ve done in school. On one hand, I was able to do a lot of other things seperate from school -like writing, art, etc.- but I think having a short amount of school a week definitely cut down on what our teachers were planning for the course (thank you to all the teachers who worked very hard during this time regardless). I don’t know if I would’ve been able to do that much work remotely, or my peers, but I sort of feel like we missed out.


2. How has technology benefitted you during the remote learning experience?

With technology, I can talk to my classmates and my teachers directly and almost continue class somewhat similarly to in-person. Additionally, with some classes or lessons being recorded, it was reassuring to know I would be able to go back and check or review something I may have missed the first time through.

Also, being able to have everything online in one place was nice in some aspects.



3. How has technology impeded you during the remote learning experience?

I don’t think I’ve necessarily been impeded by technology. The lack of technology may have been somewhat an annoyance. In my Drafting class, we’d work on CAD programs but a lot of students -including me- didn’t really have access/the right type of tech to support it.



4. What is one core competency that you already were proficient with that helped you transition into remote learning? Provide one piece of evidence to support your answer.

Personal Awareness & Responsibility. I am and like being independent and also very adaptable. With remote learning, if you are not good at managing yourself and/or your time, you may find it difficult to do work or to start to do work. I didn’t necessarily have a schedule other than class times, but I did keep track of everything and found my own support when needed.


5. What is one core competency that you have improved or developed during your remote learning experience. Provide one piece of evidence to support your answer.

Communication! Yes, I participated in class before remote learning, but usually I only spoke up when I had to. There’s always other people who are much more willing and excited to speak than I was, and I prefer listening and observing so I was able to be more background.

However, coming into remote learning, there’s been a few times where no one is responding or not enough people participating in a certain thing. My English class was my only course where we had more required participation and full discussions. Being able to write out and articulate my thoughts or only having my voice being heard helped me say more, both in length and detail, and also saying anythign in the first place. I think. I don’t know if it was technology or simply me being more open, seperate from remote learning. Maybe both. Let’s say both.