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  1. Hi Doja Cat! I loved how you set up your learning center! It’s a very creative, interactive, and aesthetic way of present who you are. The cow spots added a fantastic touch to it as well. I also really like how I get to know the “darker” or deeper side of such a famous person like you. How do you think your success would be affected if people on Tiktok didn’t find you and share who you are?

    1. Thanks Ah-Ra! Without social media and TikTok, I definitely wouldn’t be here today. In fact, I basically wouldn’t have a career without the internet! Althought I did have a growing fan base before I blew up on TikTok, it definitely helped jumpstart my fame and I gained millions of followers in a really short amount of time.

  2. Hey Doja Cat, I love your music! It is really cool how your outfit and the icons on the main page are matching. You are very inspirational, your learning centre was clear and concise with many helpful pictures. How do you feel growing up without your dad shaped you as a person and influenced your music?

    1. Hey Makenna, thanks so much for your comment! As a child growing up, I always had my mother around and she included with the cultures around me greatly influenced my music style. I drew inspiration partly from the music and art my mother surrounded me with, and I think that if I had another parental figure in my life my influencers would be much different than they are today.

  3. Hello Doja Cat, I appreciated the links in your Canva that led to other parts of your learning center, as this made it very easy to follow. The black spots on the title page that represented cow spots were a great touch. How did your rapid rise to fame affect your metal health; was it draining jumping into the spotlight so rapidly?

    1. Hi Mahtab, thank you so much for your comment! When I rose to fame, I was mostly excited and grateful for the attention I was experiencing. It didn’t impact my mental health negatively, actually the contrary. My growing fanbase motivated me to produce better music for them to listen to! I have an extremely unique connection with my fans, and I love talking and connecting with them online. In fact, I wrote the Mooo! song with them while on an Instagram live.

  4. Doja Cat, your music is super catchy and you definitely rose to fame rapidly. What will you do to ensure you make a lasting impact?

    1. Hi Ms Lee, thanks for your comment. Much of the inspiration for my music I draw from my fans and the influences I had growing up. Part of the reason why I’m so successful is because I know what appeals to my audience. I want to be known not only for my unique music style, but also for my visuals, my dancing ability, and my songwriting.

  5. Hi Doja cat, I liked your learning center. It was engaging and well put together. I have one question for you: What difficulties/controversy did you face when you revealed your high school troubles?

    1. Hi Robert, thanks for your comment! To be honest, I didn’t really pay attention to what the media was saying about my controversies. I let the internet think what they thought and continued with my life as usual. A big part of my attitude is to keep doing what I want without letting others’ opinions affect me. I think part of the reason why I didn’t get much backlash is also due to the fact that I lived near LA, where it wasn’t uncommon for new artists to have dropped out of high school.

  6. yooooo, great learning centre Doja Cat! I loved how you used Canva for your learning centre, it’s super clean and flows super smoothly (and looks great). Cool font choice too. The learning centre is also super easy to follow and does a great job of sharing information on yourself. I have a question for you, “What do you like to do besides making music?”

    1. Hey Justin, thanks for your feedback! Although music is my main passion, I also love playing video games and interacting on social media with my fans. I actually wrote the song Mooo! on Instagram live with my fans as a joke. I used to do marijuana a lot as a teenager and young adult but stopped a couple of years ago.

  7. Hi! I loved your learning centre!! I learned so much and it was super cool! I was wondering what you think your largest lasting impact on the world will be? What do you think people will remember you for in many many years from now?

  8. Hey Doja Cat! I liked your learning centre a lot. I was thinking about your rise to fame and I remembered how so many of your songs really took off on Tiktok during the pandemic. What do you think are the possible ramifications that the pandemic and ensuing lockdown had on your rise to fame, with lots more people joining Tiktok during that time?

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