In-Depth 2020 Part 6

Since my last post I have finally painted my room! My walls have gone from their previous light pink state to their current light grey. This process took a ridiculously long time because there were so many holes to fill in and sand and don’t even get me started on how water-damaged the walls around my window were.

My dad had to actually chip off parts of the wall to be refilled and use an electric sander on the windowsill. I still haven’t purchased all the accent decoration but I do however have the bed sheets and duvet cover for the new bed I’m getting in an amazon cart ready to be purchased. After those have been purchased the bed followed by curtains and storage units will be bought so I can begin to bring a bit of the old stuff back in. As of right now all that needs to be done is some online shopping, reconfirm room measurements, define the accent wall putting up the new furniture.

My meetings with my mentor have been frequent but brief recently as what tends to happen is I update her on my progress periodically and confirm with her anything I want to add as far as colour schemes and furniture go.

The way I planned to present my In-Depth project from the start was presenting a PowerPoint, due to the quarantine I can still create the PowerPoint so that much hasn’t changed I’ll just also need to add a voiceover. In my presentation I plan to show images from the different stages of my project while briefly talking about them, show some of the choices I had for furniture as well as showing my mood boards. And showing the measurements and tools I had to use for this.