“My mitosis stop-motion animation”

link to video of the assignment:  https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/a973d1b6-e192-4273-92a3-b25f65a858c0?list=studio

The two core competencies that I used were communication because I was working in a group and we had to communicate when to meet and how to make the video. The second competency was creative thinking because we had to create the video and create transitions to explain mitosis.

a. The assignment we had to do was to make a stop motion video on mitosis. We would have to create cool transitions to each stage and make it interesting.

b. Pre existing skills that I brought before this assignment was that I think that I work well in a group which would help me work more efficiently with my group members. I also already knew a bit on mitosis before going in which also helped.

c. Challenges that we faced while doing this assignment was that it was hard to find times to make the video because of our busy schedules but because we needed to finish this we cleared up our schedules and found a good day to work on it.