Remote learning digital lit

My opinions from remote learning

By: Bailey

What are your thoughts on remote learning and your experience with it? What have you liked and disliked it?

For me remote learning is new to me as I have not done any online classes in the past. I think that considering the situation that we are in this is the most efficient way right now unless a new idea pops up and fits better for our school. I like how we can do school within the comfort of our homes but I dislike how I can’t see or talk to any of my friends and socialize in the classroom as we would in person. I also like that it is harder to disrupt the class because most people are muted so that way the lesson can go by faster so we have more time to finish the work.

How has technology benefitted you during the remote learning experience?

Technology has benefited me because it makes it easier to listen in on classes so that way I don’t have to go to the school and risk possible exposure to Covid-19. I can also use technology to email a teacher or text a friend for extra help on a lesson if needed or if I missed something.

How has technology impeded you during the remote learning experience?

Technology has impeded me during this learning experience because my device can sometimes lag or glitch which may cause me to disrupt the class. I can speak from experience because one time in English class my laptop was glitching and I couldn’t hear anything in the lesson. I couldn’t hear the lesson call which was on teams so I went to call for my brother who was downstairs to bring my phone up.   So when I yelled to call him my mic had been unmuted and I couldn’t tell because my computer froze so I ended up yelling on my mic while class was in session. Luckily my friend had muted me before I could disrupt the class even more.

What is one core competency that you already were proficient with that helped you transition into remote learning? Provide one piece of evidence to support your answer.

One core competency that I was already proficient in was critical thinking. This helps me with remote learning because I can tell which homework to do first depending on due dates and what subject is the easiest for me. For example, if I am in a mood to get the easier work done first then I would do my math because I find that easier than my other subjects. But if math was due in three days and Mandarin was due the next day, then I would do Mandarin because its due first.

What is one core competency that you have improved or developed during your remote learning experience. Provide one piece of evidence to support your answer.

One core competency that I have improved is communication because I have learned new ways of communicated for school. In normal school we would communicate in person but for remote learning teachers have to teach lessons online through video calls which have a different feeling than regular class would.


This article was written by Bailey