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This website helped me learn about William’s personality. This is because of his responses to the interview questions, as they revealed some things about what he is like. This interview also helped me learn about what Williams plans are in the future, and other things he wants to do to improve people’s lives.

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This website informed me about a foundation William Kamkwamba created. This is called the moving windmills foundation which helps villages around the world to improve issues they have that need to be fixed. It taught me about some things the foundation has done as well as what they plan to do. It is a very informative website, which gives an understanding of William Kamkwamba’s motives.

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This website taught me a few things about William Kamkwamba and his life. It also led me to 2 of his ted talks, which informed me about his childhood, his appearance and personality, what he did etc. From this website I learned about the Windmill he built to save his village and family. Overall, it was a very useful and informative website, which gave me a great start on my learning of William Kamkwamba.

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This film was how I discovered William Kamkwamba. It taught me about William story of his childhood and first eminent thing. Most of the information is correct, so it was a fairly reliable source for my learning and helped me discover much about William Kamkwamba and his less public traits. It taught me a lot and informed me of William’s motives (like saving his village), and his personality (like his courage).

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This Wikipedia website was the first source I came across about William Kamkwamba and was a great starting point. It informed of generic facts like his date of birth and told me a timeline of his life so far. It also showed me many other sources, which allowed me to come across a lot more information in a more in-depth manner. Overall, this website was a great starting point for my learning about William Kamkwamba, and most of the information was reliable.

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