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Remote Learning – Reflection Brian


Remote Learning Reflection

My thoughts on remote learning is that it is quite interesting, I have mixed emotions on whether I enjoy it more than school or less than actually going to school. I think it is nice to do remote learning for about 1-2 months but after that I feel as that you begin to learn less and begin to become unmotivated to continue learning and doing as well in classes as you would be doing if you were at school. My experience with remote learning is that I find it a little bit easier to learn and finish your work faster since you do not have distractions of talking to your friends as you would if you were at school but you can also get distracted at home by playing video games or watching Netflix or even being on your phone. Something which I have liked during remote learning is the fact that I can have more time to sleep since my classes are not starting at around the same time as they would start if we were in school. I have disliked the fact that I am getting distracted easier now that we are doing remote learning because of all the distractions which are at home whether it be video games, YouTube, or even being on my phone, I have noticed that I can get distracted way faster when I am doing or trying to do work from home.


The way that technology has benefited me during the remote learning experience is that it has kept busy at all times. During these times I have felt that technology has played a big part in whether I was bored for most days and how could I keep myself occupied. With technology I feel like it has been able to help me learn more even when I have finished all of my work. Since I would have a lot of time after finishing my work, I would be able to use technology and do more research to be able to further my understanding of a concept or make more sense of what I was learning for a specific class.


The way that technology has impeded me during the remote learning experience is that I can get distracted from doing my work very easily. One day I was doing my work and I was in the zone about working and was ready to finish all of my work in a short period of time, but all of a sudden I had received a notification from my favourite YouTuber and instantly I had clicked on the notification and had begun to watch the video which he had put out. After I had watched that one video I had told myself that I was going to get back to work and begin to finish all of my work like how I had been planning to do, I was unable to continue working because I was now out of the zone and mindset of studying and working since all now which I could think of was watching videos on things which I was interested about such as Video Games. I feel that with remote learning and technology it is so easy to get distracted and it is very hard to be able to get back on track after you begin to relax even for 5-10 minutes because my brain begins to relax and thinks that it is time to stop working and ready to chill out. Technology has made it quite hard to focus at sometimes during remote learning because whenever I am doing my work it is through technology and I am keep wanting and thinking of watching videos, playing video games constantly because I am at home where all of these things I can directly access compared to if I was at school I would not be able to do all of those things.

This picture is a daily example of what my YouTube notifications look like and this is what I am getting mainly distracted on everyday when and if I am working on anything for school. If I am working on a project which is almost completed, instead of working until it is over, I will go and watch the video and get distracted and not be able to finish the project or homework assignment until after I can refocus all over again.



One core competency which I was already proficient at and helped me to transition into remote learning was creative thinking. The reason which I say creative thinking is because I have come up with certain ways to incorporate playing video games and doing schoolwork and extra work into my daily schedule during remote learning. Every day before I am able play video games, I have to complete extra work for Math and English and work on my schoolwork until I am able to play video games. This picture above is an example of what I would have to be doing before I would be able to play video games every day. I like to accomplish these things before I play every day because I also want to keep my mind fresh and always be learning instead of just frying my brain being on electronics the entire day.

This picture above shows how I was using my creative thinking skills to transition into Remote Learning and how I used my creative thinking to better my knowledge during the time which we were learning at a lower rate and I had a lot of free time on my hands. In this picture you will see the skills which I had worked on this website called IXL where it is basically extra practice for Math and English which will help me to become stronger in specific subjects such as Math or English. Basically what I was doing was working on the website and doing work for Math and English everyday before I was going to play video games as well as doing my school work. The way that this connects to my Creative thinking is that it shows how that I was able to think of a creative way to be able to balance playing video games and relaxing while balancing working on school work and making my knowledge in certain subjects stronger.



One core competency which I have improved during the remote learning time is critical thinking. I think I have improved my critical thinking skills because I have been able to improve my skills of learning new subjects and learning new concepts and working with other people in my classes to come up with ideas which I can be able to base off what they are saying and thinking. I also have improved my critical thinking skills by becoming even better at creating responses to my peers’ answers by basing my response off what they said. I think my critical thinking has improved because whenever I am responding to what my peers are saying in class I make sure to fully understand what they have said and think to myself about how I could respond in a positive way so that I could generate even more conversation.

This picture above is a representation of how I had used critical thinking and how I had grew in this competency specifically. This picture shows how I used my critical thinking skills to thoughtfully respond to my classmates during our lit circle discussions and think of ways to increase discussion within our group. The way that this connects to my critical thinking is that it shows how that I was able to create conversation with my classmates based off of the reading which we had been doing. It also shows about how I could connect and understand what my peers were saying as well as how I could make statements from what they were saying.



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