eminent comment reflection

After reading through others blog posts I have learned quite a bit, both about my classmates and some interesting historical (and current) figures I knew very little about. It was interesting to hear about others connections to their eminent people and I learned quite a bit about others interests, as well, it was interesting to hear about why others picked specific people as there eminent people and I saw many similarities between why I chose Hayley Williams as an eminent person and why other people chose specific figures. I think one thing that I realized I could work on in the future after reading others blog post is doing extra research, I think I researched only the points I wished to share about, whoever everyone’s post that I read seemed to have extremely through research done and include smaller details that may not be quite as common knowledge about there eminent people. I’m sure that if there eminent people had such interesting things mine must too and I’m excited to find out about them as I start more research  and (hopefully) interview someone who is more informed about the subject then I am.

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