Eminent – Gordon Ramsay Learning Center

Hello everyone! This is my eminent learning center for Gordon Ramsay! I hope you enjoy it!


Here’s the link to the website!
——> https://learngordonramsay.weebly.com <——

I’ll be here to answer any questions you have about my blog from 7 pm – 9 pm on Dec 11, 2020! Have a wonderful day!

– Dylan 😀

17 thoughts on “Eminent – Gordon Ramsay Learning Center

  1. Dylan! Well done! I love the cooking video, especially how you time lapsed it! I could practically smeel your passion for cooking.

  2. Hey Dylan,

    I really enjoyed learning about Gordan Ramsey. I didn’t know he had so many awards or that he played football. I took the test and got a 10/10! I showed my family the step-by-step cooking video and they really enjoyed it.

    Thanks, Justin C.

    1. Thanks for the compliments! It makes me happy to know that you at least learned something from my educational blog and good job on your 10/10! And I’m overjoyed that your family enjoyed my step-by-step cooking video so much.

      – Dylan

  3. Amazing learning center Dylan! Lots of information, well-organized, just a few grammar errors. I got 10/10 for the quiz, but I don’t think it was too easy or too hard.
    Question, you never really explained what Michelin stars are, are they like a rare cooking award or something like that?

    1. Thanks for the compliments, and good job on the 10/10!

      I just realized I didn’t go over what they were in my Learning Center, hah. Michelin stars are basically restaurant awards for a restaurant rating system. To earn a Michelin star means your restaurant is very, very good. However, I recently learned that the Michelin stars were created by the tire company “Michelin” because they wanted to make people buy their tires more so they could travel to those restaurants. But it doesn’t mean the restaurants that do win the stars aren’t good, they’re still supposed to be really good.

      – Dylan

  4. Good work Dylan. I loved how much information you had. The quiz was also a great way to finish it. I managed to get 90%. A question I though of while going through your learning center is did Gordon ever study Asian cuisine, during his time as a cook?
    Thanks. Keep up the good work

    1. Thanks for the compliments, Lucas! Good job on getting a 9/10 for the quiz as well!

      As for whether or not Gordon ever studied Asian Cuisine during his time as a cook, he most likely has given he often cooks it on his youtube channel too. Though it does seem he prefers French and Italian cuisines more though.

      – Dylan

  5. Wowza Dylan! I loved your presentation, it was super fun. Polished and r`eally good as always. I loved watching the cooking video, you should be a YouTuber! Your editing is awesomeee. My score was 8/10 on the quiz, I probably should have been a better reader. Thanks for teaching me so much!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Bana! I appreciate your compliments and I’m glad that you enjoyed the cooking video! 8/10 is a great score Bana, and to be fair, I did make my center a bit long lol. Also, I’m always happy to teach people something new, and I’m glad my learning center did so for you!

      – Dylan

    1. I think because a lot of people just like watching the actor’s decisions play out on screen and like watching what happens. I think it’s also interesting to watch because most aren’t really adept at cooking (at least in the case of my friends around me) and find watching others cook interesting! For me, that’s why I think the shows are popular, anyway.

      – Dylan

  6. Creative and insightful presentation. If you had to pick one personality trait you admire most in him what would it be and why?

    1. Thanks for the compliments, qmtk! The trait I admire about him the most would definitely be his persistence and that he never gives up. I often give up when met with an obstacle, so seeing someone not giving up no matter what and being persistent is really inspiring and makes me admire him a lot!

      – Dylan

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