Never Let Me Globe Theme Park

Park Brochure

Please click here to access the brochure made to showcase the park.

Park Map

Here is the park map that we created for the project:

For the full map and the legend, please refer back to the “Park Brochure” section of this post and click on the hyperlink that will bring you to the full brochure.

My Contributions to the Never Let Me Globe Theme Park

For the project, I worked on creating the rides. I was largely responsible for the brainstorming, creation, and description of the rides, with some assistance in the brainstorming stage from my peers. The first ride I thought of, the Care Centre, was also coincidentally the last ride at the theme park, funnily enough. I drew inspiration from the care center that is described in the book, where both the operations on the organ donors happen and where the donors live. Because of how shady the business is in the book and how the public is not truly aware of how miserable the lives of clones are, I tried to give my ride the same mysterious and not fully aware feel. I think I achieved my goal quite well, as I designed this ride to be disguised as a “VR simulation,” when in reality, the guest is actually not aware that their organs are actually being removed during the ride. The second ride I came up with was the Hailsham tour, which I took inspiration from the dark rides showcased in the Imagineer YouTube video that our teacher showed as well as the Hailsham estate described in the book. I tried to give it the same feel of mystery the book shrouds the location in during the story, by making the guests encounter alarming scenes of a carer destroying all the children’s dreams of their future in revealing their true purposes as well as a child Kath dancing alone in a room to music while holding what seems to be a baby. Finally, I came up with the Boat Ride, which I took inspiration from the boat that Ruth, Kath, and Tommy try to find on a road trip together. It is also because of this trip that they end up reconciling and becoming friends again, which is why I advertised this boat ride to be able to “bring together the whole family” in the brochure. It’s supposed to be simply those rocking boat rides you find at most amusement parks, but with a bit more story and theme behind it so that when the guests ride it, they get the feeling that this one is special and different from the other boat rides that they’ve ridden. I wrote a paragraph describing each of the three rides for the brochure and made one slide in the presentation that showcases the Care Centre ride. During the process of working, I also made sure to stay on task and to provide assistance to my teammates when they needed it. I made sure to support my teammates by complimenting their work and appreciating the effort they put into this project.

Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you at Never Let Me Globe soon!