In-Depth #7 Cooking My Menu (Final Post)

Recently, I cooked and served the menu I planned in its entirety to my parents. In this post, I’ll show pictures of each dish and some thoughts I had after I finished serving all my dishes. Menu Here’s my complete and finalized menu: The Dishes Antipasti Minestrone Soup Insalata Caesar Salad Frommagi Fried Mozzarella Palate […]

In-Depth 2022 #6

I’ve recently been trying to make ther recipes needed to make my recipe, and I decided to start with making pesto, specifically arugula pesto for the pan-fried mozzarella dish. I’ve also been slightly adjusting my menu to its final form with some help and tips from my mentor. For the pesto, my mentor generously gave […]

In-Depth 2022 #5

Over the past few days, I’ve followed my mentor’s advice during our latest meeting which was to start making my menu. As I wasn’t sure where I should start, I looked up on google what the courses of an Italian dinner looked like, which gave me a page listing each Italian course, what it comprised […]

Never Let Me Globe Theme Park

Park Brochure Please click here to access the brochure made to showcase the park. Park Map Here is the park map that we created for the project: For the full map and the legend, please refer back to the “Park Brochure” section of this post and click on the hyperlink that will bring you to […]

In-Depth 2022 #4

Over spring break, I’ve been practicing making a few new food items. One such food item would be homemade chicken stock, which my mentor has provided me with his own recipe for. First, the recipe calls for you to get roast one chicken carcass in the oven, but since the chicken carcasses I had were […]

In-Depth 2022 Post #3

Recently, I’ve been trying to make risotto. Risotto is a northern italian rice dish that is cooked with broth until it reaches a creamy consistency. The broth can be derived from meat, fish, or vegetables, and other ingredients such as parmesian, butter, onion, and white wine are also added to boost the flavour. It is […]

In-Depth 2022 Post #2

For this month, I decided to try and make bruschetta. Bruschetta is an Italian appetizer consisting of grilled bread, rubbed with garlic and topped with olive oil and salt. There are many variations of this dish, with the most well-known variation being where the bread is topped with a tomato salad. This tomato salad often […]

In-Depth 2022 Introduction

What is In-Depth? The In-Depth project is the TALONS program’s final, large component of the school year. It is a 5-month long project in Leadership that spans from, January to May. In the project, we get to go in-depth on any topic we choose. The end goal is to have learnt a great deal in a field of activity, one which is usually not available in a school setting.   […]

Eminent 2021 Learning Centre – Frank Lloyd Wright

Hi everyone, and welcome to my learning centre. In the link below, you will learn about my accomplishments, life, and eminence. You will learn about the concept and philosophies of organic architecture and prairie-style of architecture, and how they’ve impacted how buildings have been designed in the present. ———-> <———- I hope you enjoy, […]

Eminent Interview Reflection

As part of my final assignment for the Eminent Project this year, I was asked to conduct an interview with an expert or someone knowledgeable on the history of my eminent person. However, I couldn’t secure an interview in the end, with no response from any of those I reached out to. In this blog […]