Theme Park Project






I had three main areas of work for this project. The first was the shows for our theme park. As a group, we brainstormed ideas for all of the requirements but my task was to refine and write our ideas for the shows. I was able to write about the descriptions and connections of the shows and find images to go with the shows. Then, I worked with Makenna to put together our merchandise. I made logos on Canva and edited them onto the different merchandise we wanted. We then divided the writing portion of the items and I wrote about the homeschool apparel and the bible journal. Next, I put together the sections Makenna and I had worked on (Characters, Shows, Merch) onto the brochure. After designing the brochure and adding images to those parts I put slides out for the map and rides because they weren’t quite ready. I also got some of the extra details like the hours and the contest that Makenna wrote up ready for the map slide. Lastly, I worked with Makenna to put together the slide show with the parts we created. Tomorrow I’ll be presenting about the shows and some of the merchandise.

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