Eminent Blog Post Comment Reflection

I was able to gain a lot of information by going through everyone else’s blog posts. First, I noticed that many people had quite loosely structured posts, but they were still very easy to understand. Some people’s posts were just one paragraph, but were surprisingly easy to read. In the future, I think it’s more important that I put my time into doing more research instead of putting most of my time into producing the polished product, which doesn’t seem to matter as much as I originally thought it did. Secondly, I noticed that people were very specific in the challenges that their chosen people faced. Doing more research into Tezuka’s challenges instead of achievements will definitely help me get a more thorough perspective on his life, instead of only focusing on his “good side.” Detailed research is also a good way of getting good examples for future sharing of information. I came across quite a few good examples on people’s posts that really helped strengthen their arguments. I will make sure to try to gather some of these through my interview and include them on the future stages of eminent. Overall, everyone had very interesting people to share about and it was well worth my time to read their posts.

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