In-Depth Post #6

Hi all! As this project is coming to an end, this will probably be my last post. I had another meeting with my mentor, and we discussed how I will be presenting on in-depth night. Progress update As promised, here is a recording Over the Rainbow. Unfortunately, the file exceeds the upload limit for this blog […]

In-Depth Post #5

Hi all! Since the last blog post, I had another meeting with my mentor. Progress update As promised, I’ve been working on the second section of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It actually turned out to be quite short, and was easier than expected. For the next meeting, I will put the whole song together and add some […]

Theme Park Project

Map Brochure My contributions For our theme park project, I was responsible for designing the shows. I made three shows, called Drawing with Tommy, Organ Donations, and Never Let Me Go. I wrote a paragraph describing and advertising each to pun in the brochure, with ideas from the text of the book. I also found […]

In-Depth Post #4

Hi all! Over spring break I had just one meeting with my mentor and I’ve been practising my technique. Progress update While looking through songs from my mentor’s etude book, I came across various new violin techniques that may be necessary in certain songs moving forward, so I decided to give them a try. First, […]

In-Depth Post #3

Since my last post, I had another meeting with my mentor and we discussed some plans moving forward. Progress update In the past two weeks, I’ve mostly been playing some songs from books that my mentor had as well as picking some out from the Suzuki book. In general, I am getting more used to […]

In-Depth Post #2

Hi all! It’s been three weeks since my last post and, in that time, a lot has happened. I learned a lot more about my mentor, and we had our first meeting together in-person. An update on my project so far Currently, I am following a book called Suzuki Violin School Volume 1, but I […]

In-Depth Post #1

This year, I am excited to take on violin for my In-Depth Project. The project will span over five months until May, in which I will hopefully be able to learn a great deal about the basics and hopefully some intermediate violin techniques that aren’t extensively taught in school. Throughout the process, I will be […]

John Maxwell Reflection

After reading John C. Maxwell’s Developing the Leaders Around You, there are a couple points he talked about that particularly stood out to me, and I would like to elaborate on them: “Can [the apprentice] do what is required? Will he or she do what is required?” (Maxwell, 2014). This is one of the most important […]

Eminent person practice interview reflection

To practice for our eminent person interviews, I interviewed a classmate about their life and their experiences in Talons. The interview went fairly smoothly, but based on the feedback I got, there are several improvements I could make. At first, I was a little unprepared for the interview and I was quite nervous when trying […]