Confucius Citations

Works Cited

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This was my most useful source. It gave a clear and through explanation to Confucius’s eminence, and it gave a overview of his life.

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This was one of my most useful sources, and it was one of the first reliable historical texts about Confucius. It also included some of Confucius’s believes and thoughts.

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This was also a important part of the book, 庄子, and it recorded a conversation between Confucius and Daotuo, which demonstrated the conflict between Ruism and Faism. I didn’t include any of the information in my speech, but it helped me understand the system of thoughts and believes for the general population prior to Confucius.

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This website had a translation of the Analects, and it thoroughly explains and translates the text.

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I relied mainly on this source for my information about Ruism. It was clear, concise, and easy to easy to understand.

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