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Annotated Bibliography

Daly, N. (2017, August). Carl Sagan. Retrieved from National Geographic:  This article covers a few of the interviews with Carl Sagan, and explains what he thinks martian lifeforms would look like and why. It also has a photo of his… Continue Reading →

Enter Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan. You may know him from his 80’s T.V. show Cosmos, or even his contributions to the Golden Disks put on the Voyager Probes. What you may not know is that he predicted several planet’s atmospheric and physical conditions,… Continue Reading →

Digital Footprint Assignment

1. How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities? Give at least two examples. 1. If you have a job interview, your interviewer will most likely ask you about and later check your digital footprint, which may change their… Continue Reading →

Training Post

You are now going to create your very first post. In a separate tab or browser window, go to your Dashboard on the left and go to  Posts -> Add New. 1) Title – Create a title for your blog… Continue Reading →

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