Digital Footprint Assignment

1. How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities? Give at least two examples

Your digital footprint might affect your future opportunities because what you post online is very much pertinent. An example of this is posting a racist, sexist or homophobic opinion on social media and even though you have since distanced yourself from said opinion you may miss out on opportunities if it is found. A positive way your digital footprint can affect your future opportunities is in a very similar way to this blog. Using the internet to share your work and to invoke positive changes can have quite a positive effect on your life. If I’m applying for a job and they ask for my social media accounts and find positive content or work I’ve done in the past I’m more likely to be hired.

2. Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

  1. Limit the use of your real name online. The less you as a person are connected to your online presence the safer you are.
  2. Keep your personal accounts private. If you plan on sharing anything remotely personal; make your account private and only let in people you know in real life.
  3. Do your research. If a website or community sounds unsafe or hateful don’t sign up or attach yourself to that name.

3. If you could go back in time, is there anything that you would do differently online? Think of what advice you would pass on to your younger self or other students.

I’ve been pretty good about my online presence so far, but if there’s one thing I would change it would be my interactions on the now-debunked social media platforms Google + and Miiverse. These two sites were my very first social media interactions online, so I made a few mistakes. On Google +, I mostly stayed with my friends and my account was private, but I joined one public community using my real name. Similarly, on Miiverse, everything was public even though I only used my first name. Thankfully these sites have since been shut down, but I would definitely use a different username if I were to do it again. If I were to give any advice to those younger than me it would be the following. Know your limits, learn from the experiences of others to make your decisions online. Keep personal things private, and make a positive impression out in the open. Everything you post online can be dug up again if people really want to, but if you make a positive impression they won’t need or want to.