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  1. Hi Draedon, your presentation was clean and very well rehearsed. I also found it to be quite informative, I learned what the charged sea is while watching your presentation. I liked how you explained your presentation points in such depth. I, however, did find you were a little hard to hear in some sections. The text you added helped me follow along with what you were saying. I did have a bit of difficultly reading and listen to you’re talk at the same time because you had so many words. All together it was a good presentation.

    I came up with a few questions while listening to your presentation. Why do the electrons move faster when the charge sea is thinner? Why do they not move faster when it is larger?

    1. Thanks for your comment Lucas,

      While I’m not sure I can assume that electrons move faster when the charge sea is smaller because there is less space between each metal ion meaning that the electrons have less distance to travel and vice versa for larger charge seas. I hope you found this informative even if it is an educated guess.

  2. Hey Draedon!
    I really liked your presentation! I thought that it was really cool how you were able to explain what seemed like such complex information in a way that I was able to understand. I found the topic of conductors really interesting in class and I enjoyed watching your presentation going more in depth about the topic. There were some parts where I couldn’t get the audio to work so I had to read the slides instead, so forgive me if I ask a question that has already been answered. I was wondering, does the material that surrounds the wire contribute to the speed in which electrons move through the conductor? If the material around the wire was a really good insulator would it speed the electrons up? Or would it have no affect at all?
    – Kalayla

    1. Hi Kalayla

      I didn’t touch on this in my presentation but since electrons move in a linear fashion along the wire the insulator surrounding it, although it has high resistance, would not affect the speeds at which electrons travel since they are moving along the wire not flowing outside of it.

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