14 thoughts on “Eminent Person Learning Centre

  1. Draedon! I love the design! Hmm, Power Point or Canva??? I did horrible on the album art activity… It was more me, less you. Well done!

  2. Your activities were really cool! The background music really set mood for your presentation. I’d like to ask what the most controversial statement your eminent person has made and why?

    1. While I’m not sure which would be considered most controversial MUST DIE! has made numerous statements attacking President Donald J. Trump which has resulted in some of his posts being flagged for hate speech by the twitter algorithim.

  3. Nice PowerPoint, although it doesn’t feel like one; the whole presentation is like an interactive game! I like the little touches that you made to it, seems like you put a lot of work into it.

  4. Good job on being able to Powerpoint so well haha. Liked the colours and everything. Got surprised by the music at the start tho. Amazing Presentation and I liked the interactive album activity which i went 0/3 on because I’m dumb. Jokes aside, my question for you is what did MUST DIE’s name come from? Or what inspired it?

    1. MUST DIE!’s name came from the 2006 movie John Tucker Must Die! in an interview MUST DIE! says that after seeing the awful movie he chose the alias because he saw his music as just as bad.

  5. Hey Draedon! Nice presentation! I like the design aspect of the powerpoint, but I think that the music was just a bit too loud for me, maybe it’s just because the music genre isn’t my thing. One question: Has MUST DIE! taken a political compass test? If so, where has he placed? If not, where do you think he would place?

    Great presentation,


    1. To my knowledge MUST DIE! has not taken political compass test. However, if I were to guess where he would place it would probably be in the middle of the left half leaning libertarian very slightly.

    1. I think all art is naturally an expression of political beliefs and values. I think artists being told to stay out of politics is actively anti-art. Those who stay out of direct political statements still express politics via their art.

  6. You did a fantastic job Draedon! It was cool how you had the music playing in the background and had the activity at the end. I also liked how there were options to click to different slides, I did not know you could do that. What is your favourite song he has produced?

  7. Good job on the Powerpoint Draedon. It looks really good and was very creative. I learned a lot form your presentation.

  8. Creative, relevant and insightful presentation. If you had to pick one personality trait you admire most in him what would it be and why?

    1. The one personality trait I admire most in MUST DIE! would be how outspoken he is. I think a lot of artists stay silent about topics from other artists to politics but MUST DIE! doesn’t shy away from speaking out. I appreciate this trait because I think artists must be unafraid to use the voices they’ve acquired.

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