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    1. My next set is probably going to be something with a lot of different genres, so definitely learning how to transition between songs with significantly different BPMs.

  1. Wow! Great job! You have some real talent in DJ-ing. Hope you continue to learn more about this cool skill!!

  2. Great job, Draedon! All those songs were really nice to listen to! (I was vibin-) But I do have a question though, what does “DJ” and “DJing” mean?

    1. DJ stands for Disk Jockey which refers to when DJs would play vinyl records. DJing itself is just the act of playing songs for an audience and transitioning between them in interesting ways.

  3. This is so cool, Draedon! I really enjoyed learning how you have to beatmatch the two songs and the intricacies involved in that. I really appreciate seeing the visuals of you at work – it adds another component to the performance. Does DJing always involve two songs or is this only when you are transitioning? Also…how much can be done in advance and how much is done in the moment? What happens if you have a song with a really fast tempo that you want to overlay with a song with a slow tempo…what are the limits of what you can beatmatch? Thanks!

    1. DJing usually involves only one to two songs played at once but some DJs do more technical mixes chopping between up to four tracks. All of the transitions in my mix were pre-planned and rehearsed but every transition was done in the moment and you can see me turning the knobs in the video. Generally, you can only speed up a song to about + or – 30% of its original tempo but you can do beat transition on down sweeps of songs and in buildups to transition quickly between a slow and fast section.

  4. Dang, this is so cool! I’m going to pretend I haven’t already watched your incredible presentation a million times over and tell you that I am impressed by your DJing skills and your passion and love for the topic. You look like you worked so hard and I am super impressed. Awesome job, darling!

    1. You’re too kind, and yeah if anyone would know about what went into this it’s you. Thank you for your comment!

  5. What an awesome project topic! Your learning centre is super well done and your work is incredible! You should be proud of yourself

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