Digital Literacy Reflection

I prefer hybrid learning over in class learning in learning groups. The reason for this is that I prefer working at home compared to at school. At home I have everything just how I want it and I do not need to worry about being distracted by classmates or teachers. I am most productive when I am working on my own at home. An example of this is how my desk is arranged at home. I use two monitors which allows me to multitask more than at home and I have a keyboard that is easier to type on.

Technology has benefited me during the hybrid learning experience because it allows me to get my work done faster. Technology has allowed me to set up my workplace exactly how it makes me most productive. Additionally, there are a lot of digital tools I like to use to complete my work which allows it to stand out and be more unique. An example of this is using programs like Photoshop to complete artistic work and being able to edit videos and audio for a variety of school projects.

Technology has impeded me occasionally because of its potential to be distracting. Often, I multitask while completing work but there are certainly instances where I fixate on the task that does not contribute to my learning. An example of this is when I have a creative idea. I tell myself that I will only work on music for only 15 minutes which gradually turns into an hour. Another example is when I get notifications from group chats during my time completing schoolwork. Often my fear of missing out leads me to typing more messages rather then words in my assignment.

I hope that there is still a lot of time to work alone on assignments as we transition into normal school. I enjoy being able to focus and work alone and get “in the zone”. Being able to do that at home was extremely beneficial to my work this year and I would like that to cross over into the school environment at least a little bit. Another thing I would like to still be a part of school is the focus on technology. My handwriting is messy, and I don’t like worksheets, so I appreciate being able to do a lot of my work on my computer as I find it to be much more efficient.


Zip Project Artefact.docx

My Zip Project was enhanced by the use of technology because it was completed digitally in the first place. All my research was done online, and the essay was done entirely in Microsoft word. Additionally, I was able to incorporate a Spotify playlist to rope my listener into the world of my essay.

This link is to my In-Depth project. All of my work for this project was completed digitally and if it weren’t for technology, I would not have been able to complete it. Also, my presentation and blog was entirely done digitally as well.