Eminent Blog Post Reflection

Reading the different blog posts I was able to learn about different figures from a variety of different career paths. My favourite of the figures I learned about was Robert Noyce, the inventor of several important semiconductor components and the founder of processor brand intel. It was very interesting learning so much about an incredibly important figure in our lives that avoids the public eye. Additionally, I learned about a prominent gymnast taking a stand against police violence, a Canadian soldier that didn’t carry a weapon, one of the first prominent female authors and a theoretical mathematician. One strong takeaway I had from reading others’ blog posts was to include more links to additional information in future posts. These were in several of my peers’ posts and helped the reader learn more about specific concepts if they so chose. These would have been beneficial in my post as I had a lot to cover but had to touch on several points only briefly to save space. Another takeaway I had from reading the blog posts of my peers was to emphasize personal connections. When I read through their blogs, I realized that the thing that made their posts strike me was having a good connection with their chosen person. I have a significant connection with my person, and I feel like emphasizing it more than his accomplishments will lead to more captivating material going forward.