Eminent Practice Interview Reflection

I interviewed Alex for the practice interview on Tuesday today. I prepared a series of questions that I thought would give me some valuable and interesting insight into her experiences and opinions. Examples of questions I asked include “what was the most memorable experience of your childhood?”, “what was your greatest creative project?”, and “what do you think is the best solution to combat climate change?”. During the interview, I tried to stay professional with a light tone and good posture, however, I received feedback that this emphasis on professionalism made me seem stiff. Luckily, I managed to get to all the ten questions I had prepared and was able to expand on interesting responses Alex gave, although sometimes I stayed on an individual thread for too long. Some questions I gave Alex, she could not answer right away for whatever reason. I wasn’t prepared for this scenario and thus received feedback that I should have given example answers in these situations. Some positive feedback I received was that I stayed engaged throughout the entire presentation, maintaining eye contact, showing appreciation, and using an expressive tone. Unfortunately, to appear engaged I repeated myself often in response to Alex, saying things like “interesting” too frequently. To prepare for the interview with an expert on my eminent person I will focus my questions with a more direct objective, rather than asking for thought-provoking but random information. Additionally, I want to improve my skills when I need to stay engaged, varying my responses and using more loose body language. Although I think it is important to focus on responses that I find interesting during the interview and expand on them, being more conscious of time and staying on track are both things to improve when interviewing someone for the eminent person project.