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  1. Thank you for the graceful and learned introduction to Hideaki Anno. He is clearly a person who has built a strong cultural influence through his work – and also a thoughtful person who can look back on his body of work and understand its importance and influence,

  2. Really great website! It was well organized and easy to understand. I liked how you included information about your struggles as well as your accomplishments, it makes your eminent person all the more interesting. I was wondering, if you could go back, would you change anything about the way you orchestrated your life and work?

    1. It is incredibly difficult to imagine my life on any other trajectory than it is now. I wouldn’t be me without my struggles and my approach to my work has led to films and anime that I am incredibly proud of. Of course, there are decisions I regret, but when it comes to my legacy there is nothing I feel I have left on the table.

  3. Super cool! I liked how you actually did something unique when it came to your timeline. I also thought that the information you gave regarding his eminence was clear and well written. With that being said, did you ever insert your own beliefs into the movies you produced and/or directed?

    1. All of my work is a reflection of myself and my values, Evangelion especially. What is art, really, if it isn’t genuine to its creator?

  4. Hey Hideaki Anno!
    Great work! I loved how you showed your timeline and your unique learning centre. Everything was very clear and well written and overall very informative. I was just wondering if there’s anything significant that you still want to do in your lifetime?

    1. The things I want to do are always changing. I’ve finished Evangelion but that’s only one chapter in my life. Film and animation have infinite limits. I don’t think I’ll ever truly retire, the creative world is constantly evolving.

  5. Really interesting website! I liked the information you gave and the eminence was very thorough. I particularly liked the timeline because the animation of it was very unique. How do you think you getting expelled form university affected your career?

    1. University was always something I did for the people around me, not for myself. I learned a lot of things in university and I’m thankful for the experience. The industry was kind enough to me at the time that my talent spoke more than any degree could. Of course, it changed the trajectory of my career and my life, but it is difficult to say if that was for better or worse. No matter how much regret I have where I am now is the only place I can be.

  6. Wonderful presentation! Have you noticed your work having any artistic influence on the next generation of anime creators?

    1. Evangelion definitely changed the format and themes present in anime. Many anime now isn’t afraid to address deep themes and often run seasonally with many fewer episodes. Evangelion also brought a human element into Mecha anime when most of the shows at the time focused on giant robots as merely tools of war.

  7. I enjoyed learning about Hideaki Anno. Your Learning Center was clear, and simple which made it easy to understand. I think your Learning Center page is easy to navigate and well designed. If Evangelion wasn’t as popular or didn’t work out what affect would it cause on the TV anime industry.

    1. If I didn’t do it someone else would. I am not the only person to do anything or even the first. Evangelion is just a name attached to themes and ideas. Without Evangelion, anime today would look different, but the ideas it pioneered would still exist.

  8. It was very interesting to read about your career. You’ve had so many achievements in the film and TV industry. Which one are you most proud of?

    1. Rebuild of Evangelion is the piece of work I am most proud of. I am eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to revisit the series and end it the way I wanted to originally. Evangelion’s further reach and continual influence has been only a byproduct.

  9. Hey Hideaki! Thank you for sharing your story and life with us. I know that that is something that can be challenging for you to do. I was moved hearing about your challenges with creative control and mental health. I was wondering what advice you would give to young creatives who need to advocate for themselves and their ideas?

    1. The anime industry and most creative fields in Japan are incredibly regimented and stifling. It took me years to get to the point where I could work on projects I am really proud of. My best advice for young creatives looking to work in anime and film is to prioritize yourself. Only the work you truly love is worth the endless overtime and tight schedules many young animators face. So don’t settle for anything less.

  10. Thank you for this interesting window into your life and work. It is so interesting to learn about the creative process, particularly for a subject entirely new to me.

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