2022 In-Depth Blog Post #1

Welcome to the first blog post to kick off another year of the In-Depth project. In this blog post, I will be outlining my project, the skill I chose, and give a brief introduction to my mentor. For this year’s project, I chose to learn front-end web development in HTML5 and CSS. The end goal of my project is to code a simple blog that showcases the skills I learned through the In-Depth project this year. Additionally, I’d like to use the skills I have acquired to create a small landing page where I can host links to the accounts of my various music projects. Not only will I be learning how to code in HTML5 and CSS I will also be learning about web design principles and modern web design elements. I chose to learn front-end web development for my project this year for my In-Depth project because I have been unsatisfied with the lack of personalization in free website hosting options. I have also wanted to learn how to code for a very long time but have always been intimidated by the tools present in more abstract languages such as JavaScript or Python. As my mentor reinforced, HTML5 and CSS are much more like tools than a typical coding language. HTML5 has functions that are easy to use because it is for a specific use case, laying out text and images. On the other hand, the more intimidating coding languages I mentioned are significantly more versatile but much based much more on math rather than text. Finally, let’s move on to my mentor. Sam Coll is a web developer for the company Precision Nutrition. Sam’s work has been focused on the website https://www.precisionnutrition.com but he has also done work on hobby projects such as his band’s website. I was fortunate enough to have a brief meeting with Sam earlier this week in which we discussed the basics of HTML5 such as tags and blocks. At the bottom of this blog post is a link where you can find a recording of this meeting. Sam and I meet again in the second week of February and until then I am going to start learning some of the fundamentals of HTML5 through a variety of coding boot camps such as the Visual Studio Code HTML5 and CSS boot camp. I am also going to start learning how to use Visual Studio and Code pen to write my code. I am very excited to start learning how to code in HTML5 and CSS and have had a great experience with my mentor so far. I will be back with another post in two weeks where I will detail the progress I have made thus far and the next meeting with my mentor.