In-Depth Blog Post #4

I will admit that in the last month I have not been able to make much progress on my In-Depth project. As mentioned in the last post my two tasks were to create a site map and learn how to use flexbox to arrange elements on my site in CSS. To learn flex box my mentor sent me this article and to practice I played this game The best way I can describe flex box is a container that has elements nested inside of it. This container can be a row, or a column and elements can start appearing from the either the bottom, top, left, or right of the box. Using other CSS attributes one can arrange the elements inside the box such as having them grow to fit the container or aligning them to the centre. Pictured below is the site map I created for the final product of this project:

Here each of the main pages are marked in blue and each of their sections are marked in green. Unfortunately, I was unable to meet with my mentor for this blog post, but luckily, I was able to send Sam my site map and we talked about the next step. Before my next blog post I am supposed to create a wireframe design of each of my pages and do a full mock-up of one of the pages. The goal of this is to have a clear idea of how my final site will look and the skills I need to acquire to code it.

So far, the biggest challenge that I have had with my mentor is scheduling, most weeks we are able to have a meeting, but they often come at inconvenient times, and at previously mentioned, we did not communicate effectively and were thus unable to meet prior to me writing this blog post. On the other hand, the thing that is perhaps working best is my ability to ask my mentor questions and his responses to them. Most of our meetings consist of me asking questions about the work that I had done in the prior week, and this has proved an incredibly effective way to learn. I have been learning exactly what I’ve set out to and at a pace which works perfectly for me. One thing that I wish was working better was myself. Often, I find it difficult to find the motivation to code because I have other extracurricular work which often takes priority. I am concerned about being able to meet my ambitious goals when it comes to this project. Luckily, the closer I get to the completion of this project the more concrete the next steps become which will make it easier to take them.