Theme Park Project

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Our Brochure

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My Contributions

For the theme park project, my group did on the novel Never Let Me Go, I was primarily responsible for creating the cast interactions. I was able to write a description for Madame, Kath, Ruth and Tommy. I included both an outline of their general behaviour and how they would interact with park patrons. Then, based on descriptions of the book and supplements from the casting of the movie adaptation, I browsed stock images and used Artbreeder to create convincing mockups of how these characters should look. Of course, I then added these descriptions and images to the presentation and brochure. Speaking of the presentation and brochure, I was responsible for choosing and organizing the templates for both. I was also responsible for choosing the name of our theme park, Never Let Me Globe. After I had completed the characters and descriptions I moved on to the park where I designed Norfolk, the care centre, the eating area, and the stage.