In-Depth Blog Post #6

Hello and welcome back for another update on my In-Depth project. Since my last blog post I have been focused primarily on writing CSS to style my website to match the mock-up. Admittedly it has been quite difficult to transition from thinking primarily about web design and HTML to the difficult syntax and often frustratingly arbitrary rules of CSS. As a result, the homepage of my website now looks like this:

And the code to create used to create it looks like this:

As you can probably tell the current state of my homepage does not look much like the mock-up most of this is due to the various seemingly unexplainable errors in my code that I had to gripe with. However, some of these I was unable to remedy with help from the internet and Colin who has kindly been able to answer some of my questions. Of course, the solution to the unexplained problems was to contact my mentor which I did. Unfortunately, Sam is currently on tour with his band and was not able to meet with me on Zoom since my last blog post. In this email:

He suggested that I email him the questions that I had so that he could answer them before this blog post was due. Unfortunately, after this email:

And a follow up I still have not received a response.

As previously discussed, my plan to present my In-Depth night this year is to create a website that displays what I have learned. This website will use WordPress as the content management system, and will either be hosted by WordPress as well, or I will attempt to host it myself on the server in my basement. The website will be available for about three weeks after the In-Depth night so those that were not able to attend can still view the work that I created. During the In-Depth night itself, my plan is just to have a table with my laptop, a mouse, and an external computer monitor to display my website. I will likely split my screen to show both the code of my website and the website itself and will talk viewers through some of what they are looking at. I am very excited for In-Depth night this year but unfortunately, I am very concerned about being able to complete the website on time because of the current situation with my mentor and my current, slower, pace attributed to the extracurricular commitments overshadowing this project.