In-Depth Blog Post #6

Hello and welcome back for another update on my In-Depth project. Since my last blog post I have been focused primarily on writing CSS to style my website to match the mock-up. Admittedly it has been quite difficult to transition from thinking primarily about web design and HTML to the difficult syntax and often frustratingly… Read More In-Depth Blog Post #6

In-Depth Blog Post #5

Hello and greetings from the big apple. I am currently on vacation in New York City but nonetheless have been able to make progress on my In-Depth project. In this blog post, I will outline that progress and answer some prompts provided by my teacher. To start, what have I been up to in these… Read More In-Depth Blog Post #5

Theme Park Project

Our Map More about our park can be discovered in the brochure. Our Brochure Click here to access our brochure. My Contributions For the theme park project, my group did on the novel Never Let Me Go, I was primarily responsible for creating the cast interactions. I was able to write a description for Madame,… Read More Theme Park Project

In-Depth Blog Post #3

This blog post marks 6 weeks into my In-Depth project this year. In the past two weeks I have learned how to apply CSS styling to my HTML5 code. CSS has been a challenge to be sure, with most of the difficulty stemming from understanding the box model which I explained in my previous post.… Read More In-Depth Blog Post #3

In-Depth Blog Post 2

Welcome to the second blog post relating to the In-Depth project. Today I will be covering my progress so far. In the days since the first meeting I had with my mentor, I coded a simple website following this video from Through this video, I was able to code a basic website which… Read More In-Depth Blog Post 2