How to Be A REAL Success Reflection


I chose a quote from the section of Relationship Rules that says: “The only relationship in your life that is continual and therefore most important, is with yourself.” It means that throughout life, you will meet many people but the only permanent relationship that you can ever have is the one with yourself. Moreover, it is telling you that you should keep that relationship healthy by loving yourself no matter what. I chose this quote because I feel strongly about this mentality of keeping the relationship with yourself, not only strong, but also healthy. The reason for this is because without this positive relationship in your life, you can run into some very serious mental health issues such as depression. Although there are some treatments for some mental health issues such as therapy or medication, it is still hard to be completely cured. I can incorporate this mentality into the TALONS program by helping others feel like they belong and that they are supported no matter what. Although they might not have done particularly well on a certain test, I will always try to help them stay positive and work towards excepting and loving themselves even though we can make mistakes sometimes. I can also incorporate this within myself if I ever do not exceed my own personal expectations which at times can be much more unattainable than they should be. I can start this by setting a reasonable goal for a class that I am taking and working towards it until I become satisfied with my results.



A quote that really resonated with me was in the section of Why People Fail to Equip Others that says: “We are in the habit of doing everything.” The meaning of this statement is that although at times we receive too much work for ourselves to accomplish, we still have the need to do it all ourselves for many different reasons. Some of these reasons to take on all the work are if you only like your own work and not anybody else’s, or you feel the pressure that you must do it yourself trust. Whichever the case, neither are a good enough reason to not delegate your work to other people around you. I chose this quote because I personally also have the habit of doing everything because I feel the workload would not be as hard as it is. In addition, I also know other people who do the same for other reasons, and I have come to the realization that it is not healthy to put yourself through all that mental stress. Moreover, it could lead to an anxiety attack or a nervous breakdown, all of which I have witnessed first-hand from my siblings. I can incorporate this into the TALONS program by helping others realize that it is okay to delegate your work to others, especially if they don’t have something else to do. I have found that this should be implemented better in the grade 9 minds because I have noticed many people, especially while working on labs, take on all the work rather than collaborating with their group.



I chose a quote from the section of What I Have Discovered About Our Attitude that says: “The major difference between successful and unsuccessful people is how they think!” This quote means that no matter what position you hold within your company or even your career, thinking positively can, and will, always help you succeed with everything that you do. Having this positive outlook on life and career can really help you out in the long run especially if you are struggling to follow your dream and achieve your standard of success. I chose this quote because I have always believed that having positive thoughts are important in order to keep up your mental health. In addition, if you think that you are eligible for success then you will be a success, if you think that you are not, then you will wind up being unsuccessful. Moreover, having a positive attitude can also help others around you to succeed by creating a positive environment for everyone to excel in. I can incorporate this into the TALONS program by creating that positive work environment where all my peers can succeed in their own capacity. In addition, I can help others believe in their own personal talents and strengths where they would not have originally done so. The reason for this is that when people see others accomplish their goals and succeed in their own expertise, they can help encourage others to do the same in their community as well as around their community.



The quote that really stuck with me from the section of Leadership says: “The secret of our success is discovered in our daily agenda.” I believe that this quote is referring to how we manage as well as schedule our personal and professional time whether it be at home or in the workplace. In addition, it could also be mentioning how well we stick to our schedule because many people do not follow their daily agenda’s perfectly due to the possible distractions that surround us. Some of those interferences could include our smartphones, laptops, TVs, or even books. Surprisingly, some people tend to waste their time by visiting a pet or even purposely cleaning their room just to procrastinate. I chose this quote because of how important it is to follow a schedule especially because I tend to not follow mine with perfection, leaving myself to distractions which heavily reduces my personal productivity. Moreover, it can lead to delays with certain tasks that have deadlines which then postpones other work that has to be completed. I can incorporate this into the TALONS program by scheduling my time during the day and then following that agenda throughout the day to keep myself on task rather than getting distracted. I can also help others within the classroom by encouraging them to schedule their time and then follow through with those tasks like myself. In addition, helping others stay focused and on task can inevitably benefit myself and other peers by not having each other as another distraction.