Eminent Blog Reflection

While looking at other student’s blogs, I realized how hard it is to read blogs that are not divided into paragraphs. Although formatting was tough on the blogging website, some people had their blogs in formats that were, at times, nearly impossible to follow. On the other hand, I found some people had formatting for certain sections that were superior to my own which I am hoping to implement in future blog posts. For example, I loved the way Kalayla had her quotations in an enlarged section, allowing them to stand out and draw your eyes towards them. I definitely now have a further appreciation of how formatting can affect someone’s experience reading. In addition, I quite enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about important people who changed their field of work. Furthermore, seeing what my peers are looking forward to in their post-secondary education and/or career allows me to get to know them better and possibly find some common goals between us. Moreover, the opportunity for all students to look into the past and research an eminent individual is extremely important because it can help us get a sense on how we will be shaping the future for the next generations.