In-Depth Post #4

Since the last post, my project has come to a halt. Since currently we are not allowed to meet up with anyone outside of our households, I haven’t been able to meet up with my mentor or my nana. My nana has the pattern and mock-up dress at her house I can’t continue working on that project. I have been researching my next and probably final project. I have decided I’m going to take a dress from a popular Disney movie and recreate it. I’m leaning towards creating a dress out of either frozen or sleeping beauty. I think this will be a good challenge since they both are full-length gowns with challenging necklines. The sewing of both of these projects will have to wait until the world goes back to normal again since I cannot visit my nana to get my stuff since she is immunocompromised and all of the fabric stores are closed.

The biggest challenge I’ve faced so far with mentoring has been doing meetings. The two weeks before school ended both meetings weren’t productive. The first meeting I showed up and no one was there and the second meeting we were waiting to go shopping and everyone was working on their own personal projects. This means I haven’t been able to get much work done there at all. Last month went very well and was very productive but with the new challenge we were presented this month, it is hard to tell what went well. What could be working better is I could be allowed to meet with other people but until then I will work on deciding which dress I want to be my final project. I will also look online for patterns close to the dress I decide on making.


Overall I think this month could have gone better but I think I did the best I could under these circumstances. Plus since I made so much progress last month I can afford this time not being able to work. Until next time.