PTI Presentations

PTI Presentations


While our class was studying Part Time Indian we were assigned a project where we had to study one of the issues present in the novel that first nations peoples are facing in the world today. We were assigned groups and we had to present a PowerPoint about our topic to the class. Our group chose the topic of reserves and living conditions.


10 – I identify and discuss bias in research sources


Since we had to go through news articles and a variety of different sources we came across many articles containing bias either for or against the first nations peoples we were researching. We had to recognize this bias and try to get the most information that wasn’t affected by bias as possible. This is especially hard to do since issues facing first nations peoples on reserves get very little media coverage compared to other issues in Canada.


12 – I look at controversial issues or topics from opposed perspectives to gain a more complete understanding


We were dealing with a variety of different sources that all held different perspectives on the topic which made us look at the issue from a different perspective. We also went over information as a group from different perspectives and we decided as a group what information was best to include in the presentation.


15 – My work demonstrates a positive, productive, and empathetic worldview


Considering we were researching the poor living conditions of the people on the reserves it is quite hard not to feel empathetic. We were looking at very sad statistics about poor mental health, physical health and living conditions as a whole. Most of us haven’t heard or paid much attention to the issues we were assigned so I think we all expanded our knowledge about current issues. By informing our class about this topic we were being productive by sharing this issue that needs more exposure.