In-Depth Presentation 2021!

Good evening and welcome to my 2021 in-depth presentation!

Below I have attached a PowerPoint going through the steps I took to completing my quilt. I hope you enjoy and have a good in-depth night!

Hailey In-depth pres 2021

29 thoughts on “In-Depth Presentation 2021!

  1. Wow. Quite the project. What was the hardest part and why? What is next?

    1. Thank you Ms.Mulder! The hardest part in my opinion was learning how to sew the long seams. It was very easy for the fabric to slip while I was sewing so I had to pay very close attention while sewing those lines (and pin the section down with A LOT of pins). My plans moving forward is to continue quilting with my nana. I have selected the mariner’s compass pattern for my next quilt!

  2. so cool! I made a Mariner’s compass. It didn’t turn out very good. My advice is to watch carefully when you sew it. Because it is cut on the bias, it stretches very easily. I hope yours turns out better than mine! It would be a good challenge!

  3. Hi Hailey, Ms. Dissegna here! What a cool project! I think it is so cool that you asked your Nana to be your mentor…over 20 years of experience I can see why!!! I’d love to know why you chose the “Storm and Sea” theme. I’d also love to know what was the most challenging and most rewarding part of this process was.

    Well done!

    1. Thank you Ms.Dissegna! I chose the storm at sea pattern because it was the quilt that originally got my nana into quilting and I really loved the geometrical aspect of the pattern. The most challenging aspect of the quilt was sewing the long seams together since it was quite hard to keep the fabric from shifting. The most rewarding part was when I finished the last of the sewing and cleaned up all the loose threads and I got to see my completed piece.

  4. Oh my gosh Hailey this is amazing ! I had no idea quilting could be such a complicated process. Your end result looks INCREDIBLE it’s so gorgeous. I’m blown away, amazing job!

  5. Hailey you did such a good job on your quilt and what a special keepsake of your time spend with your Nana! It’s beautiful!

  6. WOW so so cool Hailey! Really really impressive! I loved looking at your presentation!

  7. Wow, what a project! I’ve always wanted to learn how to quilt but it’s hard without a mentor. Looks like you had a wonderful mentor guiding you – while making memories with your nana at the same time. The quilt looks beautiful. Will you continue sewing/ quilting? (Ben’s Mom)

    1. Thank you! It would definitely be more time consuming if I didn’t have my nana to guide me but there are tons of helpful guides and resources online aimed at beginners. I plan to continue both sewing and quilting alone and with my nana since I enjoyed doing it so much!

  8. Your nana must be so proud and also quite happy that she’s been able to pass along this wonderful skill to you. I love your final quilt…lots of hours and hard work (and love) goes into every quilt! Congratulations, I’m sure you’ll have many more! (From Colby’s mom, Angie)

  9. Wowww!!! So intricate and beautiful! And, such a great opportunity to spend time sharing something with your Nana! Nice work !!

  10. What a gorgeous pattern! I love that you had a chance to learn from your nana…bonus! Beautiful and engaging outlining of your process. Well done!

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