/ Digital Footprint Assignment /


1. How might your digital footprint affect your future opportunities? Give at least two examples.

 If you want to get a job and you have posted something that completely goes against everything you said and did to get to that position, it’s unlikely after it’s seen for you to actually get said wanted job. We’ve also seen stories time and time again of someone sharing something they probably shouldn’t have, and the whole thing blowing up right back at them. If you post about how fast you were going on the freeway without getting caught on facebook, you probably wont remain uncaught for too much longer. If you post something about someone behind their back and they find out, you best believe it wont end well for either of you. Be smart when you post. Don’t let it wreak you later.

NOTE! I do not condone irresponsible driving wether you get away with it or not. This is merely an example. Please don’t speed. Thanks 🙂

2. Describe at least three strategies that you can use to keep your digital footprint appropriate and safe.

 Think before you post! Is it kind? Is it true? Would it hurt someone else? Could it hurt you? Then don’t post it. Double check! Make sure there is no one in that picture wearing your school shirt, make sure theres no street signs or unwanted imagery in the background. Cropping can be your best friend. DO NOT: Disclose any personal information online. Don’t give out your address, phone number, passwords, or pictures of yourself to people you cant fully trust. Make sure you’re posting things you’d be ok with your grandma seeing, and stay safe.

3. If you could go back in time, is there anything you would do differently online? Think of what type of advice you would pass on to your younger self or other students. How could you go about explaining it to them?

Looking back on myself, I think Ive done a pretty good job. Good job me. I feel the most important things to note for younger people who are newer to the internet would be think before you post, comment, anything really. It could come back to bite you or embarrass you severely. Also that no, you did not win a free ipad. And no, they will not send you free coins if you give them your username and password. Think before you do anything, and never trust anything thats too good to be true.