an image used in my powerpoint

/ Teaching People About the Weird Glory of the Industrial Revolution /

/ my powerpoint /

For my humanities class in Jumpstart, me and a partner were tasked with picking a revolution from the past and teaching our peers about it. We chose the Industrial Revolution, and I made a powerpoint and completed a script going over its events. I did my best to make an effective powerpoint to match up to my speech while making it all relatively easy to understand. I feel I completed the assignment quite nicely and am rather proud of the final completed result I got.

/ script rough copy /

In order to properly teach people about the topic and at least try to keep them engaged, I brought in my wordy communication skills and my critical thinking to be able to portray the information effectively. I was also able to bring in my interpretation skills by watching a multitude of documentaries and writing down what I learned into differing words.

I did initially see the research for this project as a difficult hurdle but once I figured out I could just take noted from videos it all got way easier. From there I was able to collect more information than I ever could from text and got everything done way faster. Through this project I found the best way for me to take notes and I will use this information to help me in the future.