/ DL Remote Learning Refection /

As obviously the world has taken a bit of a detour into the grand mists of pandemic, our lives have had to change for a while to work around this. Including the ways we learn and generally deal with education.

As I can say personally myself, this hasn’t been a fun experience in the slightest. I find online classes to be frustrating and disheartening with motivation harder to come by. The structured times for each class in the day gave me a sectioned off time for work and a better capacity to handle a decently balanced school/life system. With the world of school gone, I find some teachers struggles with online classes to be aggravating and it certainly cant be fun for them either.

Technology has been the only thing that can bring me my education so I haven’t found it as helpful as I have just found it to be a chore. I find it harder to be alerted of what is happening when and when my little brother decided my wifi booster would look better in his room my connection was so laggy that I couldn’t understand or keep up with the rest of my class in a call at all. The balance between technological learning and the physical hands on experience has been thrown all out of whack and I just find it tiresome.

My communication skills within the online world have made a lot of things easier for me, but I still haven’t been enjoying the experience. I could easily message my teachers if I was struggling and found ways to keep talking with my friends as we had to stay far apart.

I’ve had to get better self management, finding motivation within myself and needing to regulate my entire day on my own terms. In some ways my personal awareness and responsibility have improved greatly when it comes to figuring out what I have to do to get done what I need to get done.

There’s no walking from block to block in the hallways anymore and theres no more set lunch and no more properly structured school, so its been a struggle for all of us. Lets hope this can pass soon so we can one day just look back on all of this as the year we survived a pandemic.