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Hello adventuring reader, welcome to my In-Depth Learning Center! This year, I chose to learn all about video editing. Five months of learning experience with the help of my (amazing) mentor, all packed into two videos. I’ve also included a cut, but otherwise unedited version of the footage from these two videos so you can see the different editing makes. No more words from me, enjoy!

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Skittles Video
Skittles Video Unedited

Robot Video 
Robot Video Unedited: 

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  1. Great videos! I especially enjoyed the robot one. Not only was the editing amazing, the robot was also very impressive!

  2. All of your cuts were really well synced with the music. Have you considered learning After Effects to add animations to your videos?

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback! I have actually considered learning After Effects, but not really for the animations. I know how hard and time-consuming animations are. After Effects is definitely a possibility for me for next year’s In-Depth! It would clash well with the editing skills I’ve learned already too.

  3. Thanks Henry! I am so impressed with your skills. I think that including the unedited footage alongside the edited footage was really powerful! How long did it take you to edit each video? Another question is…is editing a purely technical skill or do you think it has artistic merit and editorializing powers? Thanks for the Rick Astley bonus!

    1. Thanks Ms. Quach, I 100% agree with you on your first point. I got the idea of comparing the edited and unedited footage because the clips I had shot for my skittles video looked terrible, but the edited video turned out way better than I expected! The contrast was real.

      For the skittles video, I spent 7-8 hours, because it was my first time using green screen and I ran into problems from not-smart filming. For the robot video, I only spent around 5 hours editing. My mentor gave some really great feedback that helped me plan the robot video better.

      Me and my mentor discussed about this topic in one of our earlier meetings. From experience, I believe that editing isn’t purely technical. It is technical skill to a certain point (knowing how to use the software). Anyone can learn to use a software. What separates an average editor and a professional editor after that, is creativity and imagination. Professional editors know how to edit their footage to give a specific kind of experience to their audience, without heavily relying on fancy transitions and effects.

      phew that was a lot, glad you liked Rick Astley!

  4. I agree with Ms. Quach’s comment. Seeing the before and after shows us what goes into this skill. Is this the robot that your team used to win the competition a few weeks ago?

    1. Thanks Ms. Mulder! Yes, this was the robot we used in the competition. We’ll be keeping most of the parts for next year’s competition too!

  5. This is awkward, I realized I accidentally exported only the last 10-seconds of my unedited robot video. The previous link was just that 10-seconds. I’ve re-exported it and changed the link now, but I’m not sure when it will update on the blog.

  6. Cool, the videos were awesome, and I’d love to get this great at video editing techniques. I especially liked the skittles, one, which was very fun to watch. Keep up the good work!

    1. Appreciate the compliments! If you want to get started video editing, a YouTube channel I found really inspirational and helpful for me was Daniel Schiffer: Instead of the technical stuff, he covers the creative elements you need to produce quality videos and makes many great examples!

  7. Hi Henry,

    Super cool videos! The skittles one made me really want to eat skittles. The edits really made a difference, but I also like seeing the original videos to know how it started out!
    All in all, very nice project!!

    (Also I totally didn’t get rick-rolled for the second In-Depth/Eminent night in a row, nope xD)

  8. What a cool project, Henry! Your editing style is really entertaining and it’s cool how you managed to make skittles interesting. The robot video was so fun to watch as well. This was very concisely presented and interesting. What was the skill that you learned that made your editing improve the most?

  9. Awesome cinematography and editing! Your project is super cool and shows a lot of hard work and effort!

  10. Hi,
    I wonder how else you might use video editing in your life outside of school?
    Mrs. Chambers

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