Eminent Introductory Blog Posts Reflection

After reading, I was very impressed with my group’s blog posts. Each of their eminent person’s connections and eminence was shown clearly. Some posts made me more curious about the eminent person. By looking at a variety of blog posts, I also became more aware of the diversity between notables. Each person had a distinct path to eminence and methods of contributing to or influencing society. I also found that each group member had a unique connection to their notable. Whether it be similar life experiences, qualities and values, admiring them as a child, or being interested in their topic of eminence.

Having seen some of the other eminent people’s qualities and contributions, I can be more directed in my research about my own eminent person, Max Planck. I can search for ways in how Planck has modelled these qualities. As well, I may search for his contributions outside of his field. After seeing my group member’s takes on their notables, I believe that I could also research my notable from different perspectives. For example, I could find what his reputation might have been during his time. I could also think about how other scientists before or after him were influenced by his discoveries.