Eminent Practice Interview Reflection

The practice interview was an interesting and unique experience. I found the four different interviews my group conducted were surprisingly different. It showed how the way people conduct interviews can vary a great deal. We each had our personal strengths and weaknesses both as interviewers and interviewees. This activity was also the first time I was formally interviewed. The experience of being the interviewee contrasted heavily with being the interviewer. I felt that because I had to spend much more thought into answering questions, I was more engaged and active in the conversation. A difficult part of being the interviewee for me was deciding how to answer an open-ended question. Typically, I was presented with several appropriate ways to answer a question. Sometimes, being indecisive, I would try to combine multiple points but it often didn’t work out well. This taught me to be more definitive with my answers in future interviews. When I stuck to one point, it usually came across as clearer and more influential to the interviewer.

I received three general feedback points as the interviewer. Firstly, I showed attentive listening through body language and engagement. I also had an open posture and looked interested. Lastly, were that my questions were creative and relevant. From my point of view, I agree that these three points were things I did well. My main stretch from the feedback was that I could speak more louder and confidently when acknowledging answers. For me, I think this critique is very relevant. Acknowledging answers is important during an interview because it makes the interviewee feel valued. If the interviewee had spent lots of time and thought to provide an answer, they would appreciate their effort to be recognized. This is definitely something I’ll take note of during my real eminent interview. If my interviewee gives a response that is thoughtful and useful for me, I will always acknowledge their insight and try to form connections or ask a follow-up question to show that I’m engaged.