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  1. Wow, I enjoyed reading through your learning center! It is so organized, and you explained each topic thoroughly. Having it on a website really gave an aesthetic look to it. I also enjoyed reading and learning about your eminence! What do you think about the way quantum theory is being taught in modern schools?

    1. I appreciate your kind words, it’s great that you learnt about my eminence! I believe that modern schools are well-equipped professors that are both capable and passionate about this field. Throughout the last decade, we’ve been slow but steady progress. I’m optimistic of a major discovery to be made soon. Of course, this question is quite subjective so take my answer with a grain of salt.

  2. I really enjoyed reading through your learning center!
    I liked how you organized your blog and how you explained each topic thoroughly. Your eminence and achievements are really incredible!
    What do you think the world would be like if you didn’t discover quantum theory?

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my learning center! To answer your question, I’m certain that the world would be very different without quantum theory. Many major scientific and technological advancements would simply not have been possible without it. Things we take for granted such as cell phones rely on semiconductors, which was an invention based on a phenomenon in quantum theory.

  3. Hey Planck,

    Were you satisfied with the state of quantum physics when you died? Was there anything you wished to see change or something you really wanted to discover/solve?

    1. Thanks for your comment, that’s a great question. I was amazed at the impacts of my discoveries and very fortunate to have lived to witness them. The progress made in this field was groundbreaking and exceeded all my expectations.

      Actually, at first, I had never intended to break the frameworks of classical physics and originate this new field. I was only trying to find a theory that matched my experiments. However, I realized that the destruction of classical physics would entail a new and profound reconstruction and embraced the change.

  4. Max, your contributions to the world of physics are astounding. Which medal are you most proud of “winning” and why?

    1. Thank you for your praise. The medal I’m most proud of is the Max Planck Medal, an award dedicated to my name. It’s been given to many more notables that made extraordinary discoveries in theoretical physics. Currently, it is regarded as the highest award of the German Physical Society, the world’s largest organization of physicists.

  5. Thank you so much for your contributions to science and our understanding of the universe. To come up with this many theories that are so detailed and helped revolutionize our understanding – your giftedness is on another level. And what an incredible learning centre! It is aesthetically pleasing and the use of images really aids your great explanation. The links were so convenient and I like how the comments are integrated! Which of your specific discoveries do you think is the most important to modern science, the one that we have benefitted from the most?

    1. I appreciate your praises! Hearing how I’ve influenced the world after I died warms my heart. To answer your question, my discoveries were quite interlaced as they were directed towards explaining a single phenomenon. The discovery that acted as the catalyst for the first quantum revolution was energy quanta, that energy is transferred in discrete amounts, like packages. This idea awarded me the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.

  6. What a fantastic learning center, beginning incredibly strongly with that perfect quote of yours. I also love how you discussed the impact that your discoveries have had on innovation and the “real world.” Do you think another scientist would have eventually made the discoveries and innovations you did if you weren’t there to make them?

    1. Thank you for your comments, that quote was definitely a more well-referenced one of mine. I have faith that if I had not originated quantum theory, another brilliant thinker would have. Despite the idea of quantum theory being so unique and contradictory, many such as Bohr and Einstein embraced it quickly. This leads me to believe that although I certainly accelerated our progress towards this, someone else would have come to the same conclusion as I did. Quantum theory is fundamental to so much in modern science.

  7. Hi Max Planck,
    I learned a lot through your amazing learning centre! It is almost unbelievable what you were able to accomplish, and to think that your influence resonates to this day is incredible.
    When your findings contradicted Newton’s works, how did people react, and do you think they would’ve reacted differently if it had been someone else’s work you were contradicting and correcting?

    1. I’m glad you were able to learn about my eminence! The idea of quantum theory was introduced during the first Solvay Conference in 1911. Scientists took divided views on this. Despite there being mathematical proof for quantum theory, many were against the breakdown of classical physics. It was simply so long-known and foundational that it seemed insane to take it all apart. Even myself, a founding father, was skeptical at first. I believe that had my theories contradicted anything fundamental in physics, people would have the same reaction.

      To add a further point not included in my learning center, Newton’s laws were not necessarily proven wrong. Rather, it was proven that these laws have limits. They work to a certain degree. His contributions are still critical and apply to modern sciences. In fact, I believe that he was such a great guy someone should study him as their notable.

  8. Mr. Planck! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful discoveries and theories with us! I am sorry that you had so much loss in your life. I can’t imagine watching so many loved ones pass away so tragically. I was wondering about your legacy and the legacies of you contemporaries. Why do you think your name might not be as known as the ones of your friends?

    1. Wonderful to hear from you, indeed I lived through a dark period in Germany. I believe that my fame is not as widespread is because my theories impacted the world very indirectly. I set the foundation for others to build the quantum theory we know today. Take for example, my brilliant colleague Einstein’s equation, E=mc^2. His discovery directly led to the invention of nuclear weapons and nuclear power, used in WW2.

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