In-Depth Learning Centre

Hey everyone! And welcome back to my blog! Tonight is In-Depth night, and we get to share all of our learning centres. I have used Google Slides for mine because I could not add the videos I needed into a PowerPoint, and I hope that still works for everyone. I hope you enjoy my presentation and learn something new from it.

Also, I appreciate any feedback you can offer, and would love for you to share that so I can improve. You can use this blog to do so, or you can comment on the presentation itself after you have watched it. This is done using a button near the top right hand corner, but please keep this as a place for specific feedback on the presentation rather than a way to communicate with me or others. Thanks.

And lastly, you do not need to click the video for it to play, you just need to press the key that moves you through the slideshow once you reach the slide and it will play it for you. Click it again and the next video will play. This key is the only one you should have to use (right arrow, space bar, etc.) throughout the presentation.

Have fun learning!

Here is my learning centre: American Sign Language (ASL)