Blog Reading Reflection

Through the process of reading and leaving comments on the blog posts of my peers, I have gained a better understanding of what makes a good post, which will help me as I progress through this project. As I read other posts, I got to see the different ways that people formatted their information, for instance as two paragraphs or a Q&A with the guiding questions. Because of this, I was able to see possible formatting options and formulate my own opinions on the organization and effectiveness of each. This was helpful because now I am considering how I might format my posts in the future, for example, if I were to redo this previous post, I would have split it into two paragraphs so that it was easier to read. I also saw what information they included and what info I found most important and valuable as I was reading, which will help me as I move forward as I try to decide what information to include in my posts and how. Reviewing others’ posts was a useful experience for me because I got the chance to see what was good and what I should work towards as well as what could have been improved and that I should try to avoid.