The Graveyard Park

Graveyard Park Brochure

The following merchandise descriptions were written but did not end up fitting in the brochure, so I have included them here.

Sleer Cave Brooch – $29.99

This beautiful brooch looks exactly like the one Bod finds in the story, with its intricate details and snakestone lookalike. But be careful, because its worth and beauty may attract unwanted strangers who want to steal it for themselves, like a certain pawnshop owner… Proudly wear one of the three treasures from the terrifying Sleer cave when you buy this brooch from one of our gift shops!

Customizable Paperweight Headstone – $19.99 for Liza’s initials, $24.99 for custom initials

Do you love Liza? Have you ever wanted to have a headstone just like hers? Well, now you can! Buy one of our colourful paperweights that match the one Bod stole from the pawnshop for Liza and even customize it! Get your own initials painted on to imagine yourself in the story with Bod and to decorate any important surface. Hopefully not a grave, however!

Hound of God Plushie – $15.99

This plushie is based on Miss Lupescu’s Hound of God form, only this one you can cuddle whenever you want! With a huggable size and soft fur, this plush is a perfect stuffed version of the protective being in the story. Just like Miss Lupescu protects Bod and saves him in Ghulheim, buy one of these plushies for you or your child and we guarantee it will make you feel safer right away!


For this literature circle theme park project, I completed four pieces of writing and two show posters. I wrote the paragraphs for all of the merchandise items, making sure that I included elements of the plot in their description, and I assisted with drafting prices for each. I also wrote the description for the Ghulheim rollercoaster and wrote notes for the graveyard dark ride. Finally, I created the posters for the “Create your own headstone” event and the “Miss Lupescu’s Classroom” show on Canva. I also found the image of The Man Jack that we used and I helped brainstorm ideas for all the aspects of this project. These completed tasks showed that I took on tasks from multiple different parts of the project and worked efficiently to finish them.