About Me


I am Jordan and I think of myself as a fairly friendly, sociable person. I can’t wait to make new friends as I go through this new school year! (I also don’t know why the following list shrinks after the first item.)

  1. Writing fiction stories
  2. Knitting and crocheting
  3. Playing piano
  4. Swimming
  5. Learning languages

Google Docs

This website is important to me because it’s where I do a lot of my writing and writing is a huge part of my life so this website has helped me follow my passion.

Sign School

This website is a place where you can easily learn ASL (American Sign Language for those of you who don’t know) for free and I think knowing sign language is an important skill to have.

I chose this image because I did the colouring and the writing on a moon photo for a project I did. The project was to make a meaningful playlist of music and create cover art for it, and this was the meaningful cover art I made.

I chose to add this picture because it was taken while I was on a hike in Sooke, BC and it’s a very fun memory. I really enjoyed that trip and it was special to me so this image is a representation of that.