Eminent Introduction Blog Post Reflection

Eminent Introduction Blog Post Reflection:

I had a lot of fun looking at the posts of other TALONS students.  All of them were super well written and I learned a lot of new things about a lot of new people.   Who knew a guy named Khan is the mastermind behind Khan Academy? Or that Naomi Osaka is also a fashion star? These blog posts have enlightened me. One thing I realized after feedback on my own blog and glancing at others is I should have added a video featuring Mike Shinoda in my blog post. This feedback will hopefully inspire me to be more interactive in future blog posts, and overall to put more effort in to do better. I believe that reflecting on these blog posts has also made me more accustomed to what eminent is going to look like this year. I am looking forward to the Eminent interview. and what this project has to offer. Thank you!

Since I did not include any performances or videos featuring Shinoda in my introduction blog post, I have decided to put one here.

  • HERE is Mike Shinoda performing in 2018 at Reading Festival in honour of Chester Bennington (rest in peace.)
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